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RMS 38/480 Casing
With Forward Seal Disk
110,80 EUR
Filament ABS 2.85 mm 1000 g grey
- Ideally suited for mechanical functional models and demanding applications
- High heat resistance up to approx. 90° C
- Compatible with all common 3D printers with free choice of filament
25,90 EUR
Altimax G4 Altimeter - Soldering connection
The Altimax G4 is a reliable altimeter for model rockets and high-power rockets.
It is a further development based on the very successful Altimax G3 and can be used very universally thanks to the 3 pyro, 2 servo and 3 IO connections.
99,00 EUR
38 mm Flat Bottom Rocket Retainer
  • Manufacturer: Fins and Fire Rocketry
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Weight: 21,2 g 
  • Length/thickness: 1.92 cm
  • Inner diameter: 4.19 cm
  • Outer diameter: 6.10 cm
32,40 EUR